DiSo Project

DiSo is built on the idea of implementing social networking concepts on existing standards where possible. One of those standards is XRDS Simple, a service description and discovery format that is a part of several recent and upcoming standards including OpenID and OAuth.

Since last week, when I released the first version of XRDS-Simple for Movable Type, there’s been some more movement in the implementation space:

There’s also talk of rolling OpenID delegation (currently one of the most common use of XRDS) into a couple of the plugins, and we’re also on the lookout for more services that are using, might use, or should be using XRDS for service discovery. We (and by “we” I mean the DiSo community) are also looking for XRDS parser implementations that can be used in integration and interop testing. Some brief Googling turned up parsers in:

If you’ve got pointers to other implementations (providing or consuming), or other thoughts, hit us up in the comments.

Update: In doing some reading it looks like a working Yadis parser (like those found in several OpenID implementations) may also work for parsing the XRDS-Simple output by these generators. Any confirmation/corrections are welcome.